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    Born and raised in Israel, Ram is an instrumental music composer and a world traveller. His musical creations are                     directly inspired by his journeys and by nature, as well as by collaborations with several nature photographers                       he has encountered through his work. His unique compositions fuse World Music with Classical, adding

                          a subtle touch of Jazz that merges into raging Flamenco. His performances incorporate footage of                                nature from across the globe to engage the audience in breathtaking experiences that unite

                                          his music with the beauty of nature.  


                                                     Ram played guitar for renowned band ‘Teapacks’ since 1992. Together, they launched

                                                           a rich and successful career in Israel, producing over 10 albums that sold over                                                                             300,000 copies. Since then, Ram has participated in many collaborations with                                                                several artists in Israel, producing dual albums, live musical concerts, 

                                                                                composing and producing music for films and for Natural Geographic                                                                                           productions, and finally, producing his solo album ‘One Line’,

                                                                                            which he performed live in 2021 at The Jazz Festival of Israel.


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